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2009-07-08 00:19:12 by pichuscute0

Mmmmk, I'm tinking about making a seperate, more pro account for my better/good stuff, and leaving this account for my failed song attempts. I guess it will depend on if I am able to keep start and then keep making higher quality songs or not. Either way, I will most likely be starting all over soon.


2009-05-25 23:11:10 by pichuscute0

If anyone would be interested in doing a Collab with me, I would be interested. I think it would be a learning experience for me, and I really wanna learn how to use playlist correctly, already, lol. I've been using only Piano Roll so far. =X
So, message me if you are interested. :)


2009-05-22 20:41:09 by pichuscute0

Newest song, Such a Beautiful Wasteland: /240799
Check it out!!!

I made this account to post up the stuff I'm making while I'm experimenting with all these music programs I'm finding. Don't expect most of the songs to be the greatest. I'm not taking most of them very seriously, and spend only an hour or two on most. Anyway, advice is greatly appreciated and will help me learn just that much faster. I've already learned alot since starting 2 months ago.