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Great News and Update on my progress....

Posted by pichuscute0 - February 19th, 2010

So, I've nearly finished reading the book "The Mixing Engineer's Handbook" by Bobby Owsinski and, first of all, I would recommend it to anybody having trouble with mixing. It certainly helped me alot (as well as being a 200 page book for an English book report I have to write :P). It really helped me learn how to look at EQ and effects in general. I also now understand how to use compression, for the most part. I still need to learn some final mastering stuff, but I've got a much better grasp on all this. The book was recommended to me by a great mixer and awesome friend, LogicalDefiance, so you guys should all go check out his page.
I also will still be doing that collab with him. We have had alot of failed attempts. lol

Second, I have a new song I will be putting up sometime tomorrow (to get more attention, hopefully).
This song is very special in a few ways. It's the first song I've ever done any resampling in, more info on that when I post it up. It's also the first song that I've mixed successfully, in my opinion. It's a different genre than most of my stuff as well. I also tried many new effects in it(gross beat especially).

The biggest thing about this song is that it will be the 4th track in an upcoming album I will be making. The album will be of much higher quality, such as the song I will be posting up, than anything I've done previously and will feature many different genres (hopefully), 6 tracks (1 remix of a previous song of mine), and the album will be telling a story. You'll understand better once it's done.

Nothing too much yet, as I've only just started, but it will be happening some time in the next few months, so stay tuned. Once I release the album, I will change to a new newgrounds page, using Pich instead of pichuscute0. I will also be uploading the song to rithum, when rithum is back up again (or decides to work on my computers, whatever.

Lastly, My parents got a new computer, so I got the one we were using before and as a result, I will be able to start making music at a much better pace and will have the quiet needed to mix (computer isn't in the TV room anymore). So, I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.

Also, my new icon is credited to Kai-V, a good friend of mine. Thanks for making graphics for me <3.

Great News and Update on my progress....

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I approve of this message.

:D Glad you liked it.

lol my link is missing the &quot;.com&quot; when you click it

I thought I put a space in there..... oh well. If anybody actually reads this besides you, I'm sure they'll figure it out.
*I'm so lazy >.<*