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New Youtube Channel

2010-05-09 18:18:53 by pichuscute0

http://www . (remove the spaces)

That's my new youtube channel for just my music. Go check it out.


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2010-05-09 18:22:21

I've never tried it, but is Youtube actually a good method to get your music out there?

(Updated ) pichuscute0 responds:

Not really. So far, I've only gotten 10-ish views of my channel. I haven't gotten barely anyone to listen to my stuff anyway, so I don't exactly have any other advice, either. Sorry. If you find a good way to get your music out there, tell me. ;)

EDIT: added an awesome new song on my youtube channel btw


2010-08-08 05:03:48

Youtube is a great promotional tool. You just need to get promoters to play your music, and get lots of subscribers.

pichuscute0 responds:

Yeah, I'm guessing my biggest problem is because my video quality is terrible at the momnet. I'm working on fixing that. Also, I could still improve alot.

Using other promoters on youtube would be a good way to get your music out there, I'm sure. It worked with Oscillist, atleast. I'm planning on trying that in the near future.


2010-08-11 02:14:37

You recently commented on my song because I commented on yours. Anyways I could probably help promote your songs on youtube. Plus I'm only 14 and I make songs on FL. Easier than cubase.