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2010-08-21 15:40:04 by pichuscute0

I'm currently in the process of signing onto 5LineRecords. :D Pretty sweet. So, I'll be in the process of getting an album out for the next few months. Expect multiple songs from multiple genres such as Liquid DnB, IDM, Ambience, House, Trance, Dubstep (?), and any combination. I'm looking to really experiment.

Also, I won't be forgetting newgrounds. I'll post my songs that I don't think are quite good enough to be released, my early experiments, and remixes (expect one fairly soon, actually).

So, peace.


EDIT: Yeah, I'm signed now. :P



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2010-08-22 01:27:04

You're Official! And welcome to the label man! Hope to do many great things, and you better stay on NG and spread the noise!

pichuscute0 responds:

Will do, man. Thanks. :)


2010-08-29 15:46:52

Ya know when they posted in the forums I almost went for it myself as well, but being a full time music student I find I hardly have the time to produce full tracks or albums. Still grats! Have fun!

(Updated ) pichuscute0 responds:

Yeah, still being in high school gives me enough time to be doing this. xP Next year, I probably won't be able to, though. But, yeah, thanks man. :D


2010-09-14 16:57:12

Hey welcome to the club man =D. I'm a trial artist for the time being ^^


2010-09-14 16:58:44

well i guess it would be you welcoming me to the club. lol seeing it happened to you in Aug.

pichuscute0 responds:

Haha, yeah. XD
And, thanks. :) And hope ya get full-on signed soon. XD You deserve it more than I do, in my opinion.